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In the internet, nobody feels secure sending out or receiving vital information. A great deal of online users would prefer to leave a page when asked to present information like name and email address. This is because they are anxious that the information they will provide will be used somewhere else

Getting your website a SSL Certificate is the best way to establish trust with your users. Activate your SSL and build confidence among your users.

Last month, in August 2014, Google announced that secure sites (SSL / TLS) now receive a "power boost" in the engine relevancy algorithm. If this benefit is now very small, it could grow in the coming months.

Select a symantec SSL Certificates

1 Year
2 Years
3 Years
4 Years
5 Years
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Symantec Safe Site
$ 290
Symantec Secure Site
$ 380
$ 321
Symantec Code Signing SSL
$ 490
Symantec Secure Site PRO
$ 870
$ 779
Symantec Secure Site EV SAN
$ 850
$ 779
Symantec Secure Site PRO EV
$ 1300
$ 1100
Symantec Secure Site Wildcard

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Symantec Website Security Solutions take SSL protection and trust to a whole new level to help secure your website, increase customers’ confidence and reach the full online potential of your business. We drive traffic to your site and reduce abandoned transactions by assuring your customers that your site is safe from search to browse to buy.
The most trusted and secure option for SSL is a Symantec SSL Certificate with Extended Validation (EV) and Server Gated Cryptography (SGC).
Symantec SSL Certificates
Secure Site
Pro with Extended Validation
Secure Site
with Extended Validation
Secure Site Pro
SSL Wildcard
Secure Site
Security Level
1 lock = SSL Encryption
2 locks = Daily website scan for malicious code
3 locks = Vulnerability assessment
4 locks = SSL encryption with SGC
Trust Level
1 lock = Full organization authentication
2 locks = Norton Secured Seal displayed
3 locks = Norton Secured Seal in search results
4 locks = Green browser bar and Extended Validation

Top 10 Security Features

Encryption strength
Encryption protects the privacy and integrity of data. Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) enables older browsers and systems that are only capable of 40-bit or 56-bit encryption to step up to 128-bit minimum or 256-bit encryption.
128-bit minimum to 256-bit
40-bit minimum to 256-bit
128-bit minimum to 256-bit
40-bit minimum to 256-bit
40-bit minimum to 256-bit
Certificats SSL – Barre d'adresse verte
Address bar turns green in high security browsers to provide a highly visible indication of site security and trust.
Extended Validation
The highest level of authentication using validation criteria defined by the CA/Browser forum and audited annually by KPMG. EV triggers Web browsers to show green in the address bar and display your organization’s name plus the name of the issuing Certificate Authority.
Full organization authentication
Symantec verifies your business, domain name control, and your authority to apply for a certificate. Our industry-leading authentication practices, audited annually by KPMG, lead the industry in reputation qualification measures to establish an online business' credibility.
Vulnerability assessment
An automatic scan of public-facing web pages and an easy-to-use report listing critical vulnerabilities and security issues.
NetSure extended warranty
NetSure protects certificate holders against certain losses resulting from breach by Symantec of the warranties included in your Symantec SSL Certificate.
1 750 000 USD
1 750 000 USD
1 500 000 USD
1 500 000 USD
1 500 000 USD
Norton Secured Seal
The most recognized trust mark on the Internet, available in 13 languages. Click to verify domain, company name, location, and malware scan status.
Sceau Norton Secured
Sceau Norton Secured
Sceau Norton Secured
Sceau Norton Secured
Sceau Norton Secured
Symantec Seal-in-Search
A Norton Secured Seal displays near your link in search results and product reviews when viewed using an enabled browser and on other participating web sites.
Daily website malware scanning
Daily scan of public web pages under your hostname to detect malicious code.
24/7 customer support
Free technical support by email, chat, and online support knowledge base.

Additional Features

ECC Algorithm support
ECC provides stronger security and increased performance: it offers better protection than currently adopted encryption methods, but uses shorter key lengths.
DSA Algorithm support
Delivers the same level of security and performance as the RSA algorithm, but uses a different algorithm for signing and encryption.
Free revocation and replacement
Free revocation and replacement available within management console for all certificates with the same number of SANs.
Universal browser compatibility
Symantec certificates have nearly 100% root ubiquity in desktop and mobile browsers.
Support for SAN (UC)
Include up to 24 additional domains in the subject alternative name (SAN) field for Unified Communications and other uses, up to 50 domains for enterprise customers.
Support for IDN
Secure websites with Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).
Licensing for multiple servers
Purchase licenses for multiple servers hosting a single domain, used for redundant server backups, server load balancing, and SSL accelerators.


Included with our symantec SSL Certificates

Free website builder

Protect your website with a Symantec SSL Certificates

We Offer Symantec SSL Certificates from Verisign, the Global Digital SSL Certificates Leader, Symantec is the leader most known suppliers SSL Certificates among Internet users today. Web site owners have confidence in this brand more than all the others because of its reliability.

Domain registration

Trusted Site Seal

Getting your Symantec SSL Certificate allows you to display on your website the Approved Site Safety Symantec badge that automatically displays your information on the website.

Money back guarantee

Incomparable Quality

Do not miss the opportunity to do business because you do not have the right SSL certificate for your website. Many users simply leaving a website because they feel threatened they provide their information. With Symantec brand significantly displayed on your website, you provide your potential customers a high assurance security and reliability. Do not choose a certificate just because it is cheap; Symantec SSL offers a great value in return for your money than any other provider.

24/7 reliable support


The Site Security Badge Approved Symantec is a strong assurance that you can provide to your customers. This is a strong statement that regardless of the information you share with your customers, they will be completely secure. Symantec brand is the most respected in the Internet industry when it comes to digital certificate. Your customers can check the veracity of the certificate by clicking on the badge and they will be provided a confirmation of validity in real time.

Easy online access


256 bit encryption, Trusted Seal, Free Reissues Included, Maximum Browser Compatibility.

Reliable servers

24/7 reliable support

Our support technicians work around the clock to bring you reliable and responsive support 24/7. You can request support by email or Ticket.

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