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Article Can email account users change their own passwords?
Yes. Users can change their own email password by logging into their webmail account...
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Article Can you forward all my email to a separate email address? If so, how do I do it?
Yes, we can forward all your mail to anywhere you like using the control panel. Just login and...
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Article Do I have to give all my email accounts access to cpanel? How can users access webmail without going through cpanel?
Your users do not have to go through Cpanel. If you domain name has propagated, use...
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Article How do I block SPAM messages?
You can stop spammers using various different spam filtering systems which is located within your...
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Article How do I check my emails?
You can use any email clients (ie. Outlook, Eudora etc..) or 1 of our 3 Web Based Mail.
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Article How do I create additional POP accounts and email forwarding?
This can be done via your control panel. Once you login, click on "Email -> Add/Remove POPs" and...
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Article How much space do I have for my POP Accounts?
You can define how much space to give each POP account when you create them via your control...
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Article What are my POP and SMTP settings? Note: Please replace "" with that of your actual domain...
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Article What can I do to reduce the amount of spam email I get?
1. NEVER click on an "unsubscribe" link on spam. That only serves to confirm that someone...
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Article What do I use for my SMTP?
You can use ""
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